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GRAIN BIN VENTS Sizes Listed Below

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NEW! 18" x 12" Vent

Sale $75ea.

Sale $75ea.

Summer Sale  $75 ea

Designed to be placed higher up on the bin roof. 

Sale $75ea.

Sale $75ea.

Sale $75ea.


Featuring an 18" x 12" base. 

Grain Bin Roof Vents Since 1982


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Vent Sizes

8"  X  8"  70 or 90 Degree

12"  X  12" 70 Degree

12"  x  12" 90 Degree

15"  x  15" 70 Degree

15"  x  15" 90 Degree

18" x 12" 70 Degree

18"  x  18" 70 Degree

18"  x  18" 90 Degree

20" x  20" /  21"  X 21" /  and 24" x 24" 

All in either 70 or 90 degree.

We offer two sizes of galvanized 

bird screen :

Standard 1/2 x 1/2 inch

 or 3/4 x 3/4 inch.

We will make any size you need, just call for price and shipping quote. We will be happy to assist you.


Modern Sheet Metal


For  over 35 years Modern Sheet Metal has been manufacturing top of the line  roof vents for grain bins, large flat top storage tanks, and  ventilation systems across the country.  We sell thousands of grain bin roof vents to  satisfied customers and dealers across the U.S.

Our  company is family owned and operated out of Falls City, Nebraska. We  promise to deliver the highest quality vents while maintaining the  lowest prices in the industry, making us the most cost effective  ventilation solution for your operation.

All parts are fabricated from G90 galvanized steel. We supply many different sizes to fit your needs.

Our grain bin roof vents are made to order, so please call for prices, lead time, and shipping quotes.

Custom Made Products

At Modern Sheet Metal we custom fabricate a wide variety of products such as ducts, plenums, ventilation hoods, side wall vents, etc... Call us about any specialty items. 

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